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Très sympa, j adore...ce jeu est très original


Pay to win

Pay to win

Great but.....

This game is great other then the dreadfully long load screens plez fix really loving the game though

Its same as other

If you did not play other bridge constructor before, its worth 1.99 dollar. Otherwise dont buy it. Its same as other two.

Great game

Better than the original... Better storyline and actually creating bridges that are supposed to fail and take out the enemy.... Brilliant. Wants for the next upgrade... Better animation for failed cables and ropes... They stay straight like sticks... Lets see a little snap back and recoil! Put in a speed up mode so I dont have to wait so long for the little dudes to march across and discover my design failure at the last second four times in a row... When I am successful with a design... Put in the option to see the designers optimum setup without making me pay coins to see it. Maybe better animation on the carts and horses and marching dudes as they fall... Its all very machine like... And slow! Real time simulation! All minor tweaks... Its an entertaining game if you like the design/puzzle/physics.

Very good game!

Ive played the other bridge constructor and I have appreciated this one much more. There is a little though very distracting story and two new kinds of challenges that put a different dynamic to the game. I love it!

Interesting but too many Adverts.

Bought it on a sale weekend and enjoyed playing it until I kept running into advert after advert on every load screen and level completion. Feels like Im paying for advertising. I may be asking for a refund if this doesnt clear up soon.

Fun game

Fun game, cute story.

Catapult levels are the best.

Great game if you like physics type puzzles, would like more levels tho.

Fun game, beware iCloud Sync

Ive been playing this game for a while. Its fun. Today I lost all progress because of what seems to be a bug with iCloud sync. After progressing in my iPhone, I loaded the game on my iPad. It kept popping up a message saying to reload the game because a new save game was available, only after tapping reload, the same message would pop up after a few seconds. After some fiddling, the message stopped repeating, but the game was reset. I loaded the game on my iPhone and it promptly brought up the sync warning, with no way to refuse. So now my iPhone is also reset. Great. There needs to be an option to back out or cancel a sync if its going to cost you progress.

Will give 5 star if Treasurers Archenemy is removed

Really fun game, only disappointment is the treasurers archenemy achievement, the only one I cant get.

Still great

Fantastic game with fun mechanics.

Yardim / help

Oyun aciomiyor :( / game not starting :(


Awesome, long pleasure. Brain ar work. Build and destroy together make fun.

It was great... WAS

Completed chapter 3. In next lvl game wanted to sync save with cloud (the worst thing in game). Syncing stopped at 17%. When I returned to desktop and opened the game syncing continued and left me in chapter select with clear save...

BC Medioevo Game

Nice Game!!!

Great Fun

Great game to clear your mind.

Great Game!

Very fun strategic game that uses real bridge building methods as a background

Bridge Constructor Medieval

Totally addictive, once I start I hardly can put it down.

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